Yakimon x Munktiki Shows

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    Yakimon x Munktiki Shows
    Two gallery shows Saturday July 13th
    YAKIMON and Steven Grice
    1239-1241 Duane St Astoria Oregon


    Miles Nielsen of Munktiki is doing a Yakimon show next month! July 13th at 5pm, here in Astoria, OR at the new Munktiki retail/show space which is still in construction (1239 Duane st). Miles has a total of 20 pieces finished for the show so far and more on the way. This showing features a collection of brand new characters in an imagined underground world of wrestling where the combatants are fighting for the ultimate champion’s belt containing an alien power stone. The show will also have a small selection of his regular Yakimon figures.
    Come see the new space, enjoy a beer from Fort George Brewery and peel your peepers on the wacky Yakimon creepers

    Yakimon is the name of a line of ceramic art figures by Miles Nielsen that are highly influenced by old Japanese vinyl toys. Each Yakimon character fits into an imagined world as if it was in a Tokusatsu live action tv show. Yaki in Japanese has a few meanings, bbq'd food and fired ceramic. Mon is a shortened form on Monster. So Yakimon's meaning is Fired Monster.
    Each character is designed, sculpted, molded, cast, assembled, cleaned, hand painted and glazed by Miles. Some characters, like Mutton Chomper, consist of upwards to 12 separate multi piece molds.

    Paintings by Steven Grice

    Also on Saturday, at our Gallery space at 1241 Duane St, Steven Grice is taking over a wall for his art

    Steven Layne Grice explores absurdities during the Anthropocene. Simultaneously searching for a taste of innocence and an epiphany of existence, his work meanders between the sweet and the grotesque, a homebrew of allegory and smart aleck attempts at peeling away the fabric of the lazily mundane with depictions of characters that seldom seem privy to the nuance of their own experience.
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    Yakimon x Munktiki Shows
    Just wanted to post here and see if any Yakimon/Munktiki fans and followers have seen anything of late from Yakimon? I know Munktiki's been busy with restocking and the coronavirus has been making their overseas production a little slower than normal (we're having our wedding mugs made through them...)

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