New Toys! #1: Ghost boy

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    New Toys! #1: Ghost boy
    4 new hand made, hand cast, resin toys! The four toys will be released over the next 4 weeks followed by a special Halloween set released on the 31st! The toys will be released like so:

    Mon. 29th- Ghost Boy sculpt debut

    Fri. 3rd - First edition of Ghost Boy released

    Mon. 6th - #2 sculpt debut

    Fri. 10th - First edition of #2 released

    Mon. 13th - #3 sculpt debut

    Fri. 17th - First edition of #3 released

    Mon. 20th - #4 sculpt debut

    Fri. 24th - First edition of #4 released

    Fri. 31st - HALLOWEEN SET!!!

    First of the set is Ghost Boy. At a young age , Ghost Boy was abandoned by his parents due to his hideous disfigured form. Unable to fit in with society, he fabricated a ghost costume he learned how to make in grade 1. For 10 years now, Ghost Boy has been wandering the streets of Toronto, helping kids in need and seeking revenge on the scum of the city!

    UPDATE: Oct.1 - First cast of Ghost Boy!

    UPDATE: Oct.2 - Ghost Boy! v.1
    This first edition of ghost boy will be limited to 20. Of the 20 there will be 4 different color boots:

    5 Turquoise
    5 Purple
    5 Red
    5 ???
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    New Toys! #1: Ghost boy
    I dig it, BUT I'm really intrigued by those other 3 silhouettes

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