Toy stores in Paris

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    Toy stores in Paris
    Will be in Paris for the Olympics later this month for work and checking to see if there are any toy shops worth checking out. Plan to check out Artoyz, but not sure if there's anything else modern or vintage wise I should swing by.
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    Toy stores in Paris
    General rule of thumb for Europe . . . Food/architecture/art/culture/graffiti/almost anything else > Toys
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    Toy stores in Paris
    While Andy’s answer is obviously true… there is help that can be given.

    When I’m in Europe, I love walking into the shops that have vintage TinTin/Asterix/Lucky Luke/Snorks toys. There’s always going to be a couple and it’s a really nostalgic feeling for me. So if you see a big, red checkered rocket in the window (insert red light district joke here), then maybe pop in just to take a look.

    In terms of the kind of fare you can find on this forum; I’ve been curious about LuLu Berlu. They seem to house a treasure trove and a lot of their collection isn’t available online.
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    Toy stores in Paris
    Artoyz is worth a peek. Bearbricks are pretty easy to spot in both fashion and department shops all over the city. As noted, Lu Lu Berlu and the nearby “geek street” of Blvd Voltaire. This stretch is largely new toys, but for retro video games you would be hard pressed to find anywhere better than Full 7. They have some incredibly rare consoles and hand held games in their basement. They also have some books, and this is where I managed to snag a copy of the book Jouets 70-80. It doesn’t have any great depth to it on the toys within, but it has a lot of photos and covers key lines that were big in France such as Flam and Ulysses 31. A great reference book.

    Full 7
    19 Bd Voltaire, 75011 Paris, France

    Jouets 70-80

    On the other side of the river, you will find a cluster of comic (in the French BD style) shops. Whilst primarily comics, many have both new and vintage toys. The best selection of these shops are in Rue Dante (6th). La BD 2 Collec is the best () and I was lucky to find some wonderful 1960s vinyl Asterix and Obelix figures by Darigaurd, and a brilliant book about the french kids magazine, Piff Gadget.é-Rodolphe/dp/2364807565

    There are a few other shops in the area, including Album and Pulp, whose toy shop is largely new, Pops and expensive but worth a quick browse. They intermingle older swap cards and a few harder to find items (Haslabs Razer crest for E1k).

    Staying in the 6me, head to the ultimate in BD figures (Aterix, Tin Tin etc) Pixi et cie.

    They have had several books over the years, most recently one written by the host of Channel 4s old program, Eurotrash, Antoine de Caunes.

    (cheaper on Amazon and easier than bringing it back)

    Pixie’s prices have sky rocketed over the years, but they really set the standard for BD figures.

    On Saturdays and Sundays there are two flea markets in Paris. This is where the real gems are to be found. They are two very different beasts though.

    This is really a selection of permanent shops spread over several “markets”.

    Vernaison – this has 3-4 vintage toy shops. Several other shops will have the odd toy too. The toys are more early 80s and before, with a strong French focus, rather than Mattel 80s toys for example. You are more likely to find Ledra or Darigaurd figures from the 60s and 70s.

    Dauphine – there is a cracking store in here that is much more 80s and 90s, called the Vintage Game Room ( It is positively overflowing with amazing toys. He has some very nice Shoguns (I got a “nickel” as they say in France Goldorak one) but the prices are pretty spicey (boxed Daimos is E1K.) Where Luluberlu is presented like a museum, this is like a room stuffed full of toys piled on top of each other. It is definitely worth checking if you can, but it has a lot of no touching or filming signs, and he isn’t one to bargain. There are nearby stores that also have toys and pop culture stuff.

    The other flea market is the other side of town, and very much a traditional street flea market (trestle tables) where you will find one or two toys here and there, but also a few sellers who do toys. This is very much pot luck.

    4 Av. Georges Lafenestre, 75014 Paris, France and thereabouts

    In an ideal day I would do this flea market Saturday morning and then head to the other side of town for the Clignacourt markets.
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    Toy stores in Paris
    Living in Paris for almost 20 years, i really can't add more!
    The flea market in Saint-Ouen is massive and there are few stores that are dedicated to toys but you might find single pieces in other stores.
    Price wise, don't expect to have a bargain: the sellers know what they are selling.
    If you're looking to visit the flea market, send a pm, i'm living in the Clignancourt area so i can definitely show you some places.
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